Who do I contact for more information?

If you would like more information regarding the conservation land, donating to the Land to Sea Conservancy, utilizing the Conservancy’s habitat for approved reasons, or anything else, please reach out via our “Contact Us” form, call, or visit us at the contact information provided on this website.

Can I use the land for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities?

To protect the natural habitat as our charter requires we generally are not able to allow access for recreational activities.  However, access to the land can, and has, been granted to preapproved groups who wish to utilize the land for educational and research purposes and in special circumstances of giving back to our community when impact to the habitat can be strictly minimized (such as Boy Scout hikes, etc…).

What types of habitat does the Conservancy encompass?

The classifications of habitat currently under management by the Land to Sea Conservancy include: Occupied Coastal Sage Scrub, Southern Coast Live Oak Riparian Forest, Coast Live Oak Woodland, Native Grassland, Non-Native Grassland, Mafic Southern Mixed Chaparral and Mafic Chamise Chaparral.

What is involved in maintaining the conservation land?

The management of the Conservancy is accomplished through strict adherence to our “Management Plan”.  The plan was created and approved in a joint effort between certified biologists and botanists, The California Department of Fish and Game, and the Federal Wildlife and Fisheries.  Tasks include maintaining fencing, signage, removal of non-native species of plants, removal of garbage, vigilance to deter squatters and trespassers who might disturb the habitat, annual filings to maintain our status as a nonprofit entity, periodic biological surveys, and a whole lot more.

What can I donate to the Land to Sea Conservancy?

Donations of cash and land are common, but you can receive a tax deduction for donating any item of value including your volunteer hours!  Please contact us and consult with your tax advisor for specific information.

Who pays to operate the Land to Sea Conservancy?

The Land to Sea Conservancy operates with the investment proceeds generated by an endowment which is funded by the generosity of private donations.  We receive no public donations or grants of any kind.  Our operational policy calls for utilizing the interest and dividends from the endowment fund exclusively.  By not touching principal, we can ensure the funds are available to maintain the land and operate the conservancy in perpetuity.

Does the Land to Sea Conservancy accept donations?

Yes.  The Land to Sea Conservancy is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit entity.  As such, donations to the Land to Sea Conservancy are fully tax-deductible.

How large is the conservancy?

The Land to Sea Conservancy is currently responsible for managing 557.36 acres of a variety of Southern California coastal habitat categories.  We add land to the original conservation area as it becomes available.

Where is the Land to Sea’s conservation area located?

The conservation area is located in North County San Diego, CA.  It is northeast of the town of Fallbrook and west of Interstate 15.




TELEPHONE: 760.645.3656